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Self-Driven Learning

Shore University offers numerous self-driven course options available to any leader, manager, or team member in our portfolio. Each course consists of videos, audio, course decks, and supplementary materials to enhance learning. The catalogue of offerings is always growing based on feedback from learners and portfolio companies more broadly.

"This came at a perfect time for me as I am getting back to managing a team. I found each section to be well-structured and informative. The short videos followed by questions at the end of each section helped me reflect on what I learned and what I could take away from each lesson. I appreciate that the slides were made available at the end as well. The visual slides were particularly helpful as they reminded me of situations I have encountered previously. Having visuals to reference and prepare for difficult conversations would have been incredibly helpful back then. It would have alleviated the pressure and made managing tough conversations much easier."

- Program Manager, Completed Management Foundations



Management Foundations

This course helps lay the foundations for what it means to be a great manager. From developing yourself, to building your team, to managing your time, this course offers practical frameworks and tools for new and experienced managers alike. 


Key Concepts of Customer Service

This course is designed to introduce you to the basics of customer service. You will learn why it is so important, how to develop your own mindsets and skills, and some tactical tips for putting good customer service into action.


Intro to Strategy & Strategic Planning

The course is designed to introduce you to strategy and strategic planning within the context of Shore Capital Partners. In addition to laying the foundations of strategy – a word that’s often used and misused – this course will walk you through the unique strategic planning process that Shore uses with each of our portfolio companies.


Team Member Essentials

This course will introduce learners to key principles and practices for being a productive and effective team member regardless of company or industry. It highlights critical mindsets as well as tactical approaches to engaging in and supporting team success.


Customer Experience Strategy

This course is built around the Customer Experience Framework and developing team and business level strategies for creating, implementing, and evaluating it. Participants will take a deep-dive into each of the core components.


Keys to Successful Coaching & Mentoring

In development.

Additional Offerings

Meaningful Metrics:

Creating KPIs and Dashboards That Matter

Understanding Teamwork:

Developing the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Time Management:

Maximizing Your Most Precious Resource

Stakeholder Anlaysis:

Understanding Your Stakeholders and Why They Matter

Strategic Communication:

Conducting "Everyday Negotiations"

Transitioning to Leadership:

Working "On" vs. Working "In" the Business

Rewards and Recognition:

How to Create a Great Place to Work


The Core Principles of Why, What, How, Who

Imposter Syndrome:

How to Deal With Self-Doubt

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