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Peak Performer Program 

The Peak Performer Program (PPP) is an exclusive offering for high-potential team members to network, learn from one another, and give valuable insights into world class leadership - leading yourself, leading your team, and leading organizations.


Led by Professor Boris Groysberg of Harvard Business School, the curriculum is built around HBS hall-of-fame case studies shared both virtually and in person. Breakout groups, modeled after the Young President’s Organization (YPO) and Harvard Business School approach, create a greater level of networking and collaboration with other top performers, adding depth and continuity to the experience.


Workshop 1: 

Rob Parsons, Morgan Stanley

Employee Performance vs. Company Values: A Manager’s Dilemma

Workshop 2: 

Danaher Corporation

This case examines the corporate strategy of this diversified, global corporation: portfolio strategy and the Danaher Business System.

Workshop 3: 

Recruitment of a Star

Explore the dynamics of attracting, hiring, compensating, negotiating, and leveraging a star performer in a professional service firm.

Workshop 4: 

Subarctic Survival (In-person at ELA)

A team building simulation for improving teamwork, problem solving, and decision-making skills. (5 hours)

Workshop 5: 

Google Project Oxygen

Do managers matter? The topic generated a multi-year research project that led to a comprehensive program, built on key attributes to help employees become better managers.

Workshop 6: 

Chasing Stars

Companies need talent to drive their strategies forward: to innovate, to adapt, and to execute flawlessly. But whether you are seeking a key executive or a dozen engineers, how can you find the talent you need?

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