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Within the CXO Fellows Program, each participant builds connectivity to Shore and their peers during eight in-person meetings designed to occur over a two year period. A Shore CXO is someone who has taken on a support role to the CEO of a portfolio company with the plan to professionally grow into a C-Suite role for themselves with a future Shore platform.

The program relies on growth together as a group. Each CXO will have peers ahead of you and behind you in their professional development - but each cohort will grow and learn from one another, creating relationships that will last throughout their career.

After completing this two year curriculum (and as the CXO grows), they join other cohort groups (e.g. finance, operations). CXOs then become alumni of the CXO Fellows Program - but reconvene each year at Shore’s Executive Leadership Academy (ELA) with optionality to attend other CXO leadership development events.

"I really enjoyed getting together
with leaders from the other
portfolio companies and had
several valuable takeaways that
came at the perfect time as we
scale. The speaker sessions were fantastic, and I learned so much during them. I also enjoyed the breakout sessions and dinner which gave me the opportunity to get to know my peers."

MARK LARSEN, COO, Point C (CXO Graduate)

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Personal Working Norms

  • Be authentic - Know your strong suit

  • Guard against hubris

  • Manage your time and energy

  • Lessons of success and failure


Team and Process

  • Decision making processes

  • Teamwork - show resolve

  • Right people in the right seat

  • People, process, and technology


Corporate Strategy

  • Vision - Frame what winning means

  • Make bold moves early

  • Allocate resources to priorities

  • Define an engaging future


Organizational Alignment

  • The arc of misalignment

  • Actions that help teams align

  • Incentives and performance goals

  • Connecting N, N-1, N-2, etc.


Managing the Board

  • Promote a forward-looking agenda

  • Think beyond the meeting

  • Seek balance and development

  • Engage in meaningful work


Art of Communication

  • Frames of reference

  • The communication sequence

  • Personal communication styles

  • Meetings that work


Key Stakeholders

  • Center on the long-term "why"

  • Importance-Interest Matrix

  • Prioritize and shape interactions

  • Engaging founders of acquisitions


Operational Excellence

  • Consistency drives value at exit

  • Optimizing operational performance

  • Fostering process improvement

  • Deisciplined execution

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