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Portfolio Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is where learning meets leadership and business application. It’s where years of knowledge and experience are passed on to help others become their best self. It’s where we empower individuals to go beyond the ordinary and to achieve the extraordinary.

Leadership Academy is a key feature of our commitment to professional development for our portfolio companies. Our goal is to foster advanced personal and professional development, providing each participant with the skills to sustain and advance the growth of their business.


Through immersive, engaging and interactive content, this program delivers value at all levels of management. For early-stage leaders, the skillsets, tools and lessons learned are invaluable. More experienced leaders also appreciate the established curriculum and find themselves reframing and thinking differently about their own leadership approach.

"I have been fortunate enough to participate in many corporate training and development programs – both one on one and within groups. None that have been better than what we experienced with Shore."
JAYME CANNON, Senior Director, Hueman

Multi-Company Leadership Academy

October Cohort
Kickoff: October
 23-24, Nashville, TN


In-Person Kickoff

Leadership Academy kickoffs have been carefully designed to make the most of the in-person experience and to lay the foundation for the entirety of the experience. Key topics include trust, communication, healthy tension, and emotional intelligence.

Virtual Sessions

2 sessions per month

Session 1: Maximizing Your Impact: Intention. Focus. Action.

Session 2: How Will You Get There? Developing a Personal & Professional Roadmap

Session 3: What’s Your Problem? Identifying Real Problems and How to Solve Them

Session 4: Managing Conflict: Creating Space for Healthy Disagreement

Session 5: Leading Through Others: Transitioning from Captain to Coach

Session 6: From Pain to Possibility: Leading and Mastering Change

Session 7: Meetings Matter: How to Lead Great Meetings

Session 8: Engaging the Team: Because You Alone Are Not Scalable

In-Person Finale

The finale completes the arc of the program as we shift focus toward working "on" the business through effective feedback, strategic mentoring, and better understanding our customers and how we create value.

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Case Study

Southern Orthodontic Partners (SOP) has invested over three years in the professional development of their team through the Leadership Academy. 

Participants in each cohort have been selected to align with the stage and priorities of the business.

Participants have included orthodontists, practice managers, Central Team Support (CTS) members, accounting, finance, and marketing. 
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SOP Promotional Video with Dr. William Bennett

Participating Portfolio Companies

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