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This podcast captures the key issues, successes, challenges, and lessons learned in the microcap space.

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Mickey Jiang

In this episode, we welcome Mickey Jiang, a Principal at Shore Capital, who has been with the firm since joining as an Intern over 10 years ago. He shares candid stories from Shore's early days, highlighting the blend of humor, hard work, and mentorship that shaped both his career and Shore’s culture. Mickey also talks about the firm's evolution as it has grown and the lessons he has learned in his journey from Intern to Principal. 

Don Pierce Recording BW

Don Pierce

In this episode, we welcome Don Pierce who is a Partner at Shore Capital Partners and is primarily responsible for the sourcing and evaluation of investment opportunities in the medical device field. Don discusses the unique aspects of the industry from product concept to commercialization, and the global regulations that present different opportunities and challenges. He also shares a powerful example of the way Innovia Medical adapted its product offering during Covid to serve the needs of frontline workers.

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John Hennegan

John Hennegan is a Founding Partner of Shore Capital and is primarily responsible for the sourcing and evaluation of healthcare investment opportunities and operating executives. In this episode, John discusses the unique and often emotional nature of microcap investing. He also talks about the importance of continued learning as a company scales and describes Shore’s approach to sharing lessons learned across the portfolio. As only a Founding Partner can, John adds color and insight on the past, present, and future of Shore Capital Partners.

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Hilarie Aitken

This is the third of our three-part series featuring CEOs who have successfully exited (or recapitalized) a Shore portfolio company. In this episode, Hilarie Aitken shares her experience as the CEO of Navia, a consumer-directed benefits provider serving 9,000+ employers across all 50 states. Hilarie discusses how her father founded Navia and she stepped in to run the business after his untimely passing. She talks about her search for a private equity partner and how the partnership with Shore aligned with the unique circumstances of their family-run business. Hilarie also highlights her lessons learned as CEO of a scaling business.

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Rex Adams

This is the second of a three-part series that features CEOs who have successfully exited (or recapitalized) a Shore portfolio company. This episode features Rex Adams, the CEO of EyeSouth, the nation's largest comprehensive ophthalmology platform headquartered in Atlanta. Rex shares how focusing on people, processes, and technology helped EyeSouth exceed their growth goals. He also discusses his advice to future CEOs and his strong belief that leaders have a responsibility to develop their people. 


Chad Smith

This is the first of a three-part series that features CEOs who have successfully (or recapitalized) exited a Shore portfolio company. This episode features Chad Smith, the co-founder and CEO of BrightView Health, a company that operates outpatient addiction treatment clinics. Chad shares how he and his co-founders weren’t initially looking to start a big company, but rather serve the communities with the highest needs. 


Dr. Josh Everts

In this episode, we learn about Josh Everts' journey as the founding physician partner of OMS360. Josh discusses the successful multi-site practice he and his partners built and the thorough due diligence process they underwent in selecting Shore Capital as their private equity partner. On a more personal note, Josh shares how he as a leader realized that he needed to step back as the business grew in order to allow his team and the business to grow and flourish.


Ross Resnick

In this episode we highlight Ross Resnick, CEO of Roaming Hunger. Ross shares his lessons learned from working in two startups out of college and turning his passion project into a private-equity-backed business. Ross talks about his vision for continuing to scale Roaming Hunger to support other entrepreneurs and his first 100 days of partnership with Shore.


Josh Johnson

In this episode, we highlight Josh Johnson the CEO of Shore Capital Partner’s new dental platform, Innovate 32. Josh discusses his early experiences in starting a platform from the ground up, the early value of Shore’s unique approach in forming a Board of Directors, and the range of resources Shore brings to early-stage CEOs.

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Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper is a Founding Partner of Shore Capital and is responsible for all activities of the firm, including sourcing, evaluating, and enabling the growth of Shore investments. In this episode, Mike talks about the unique opportunities in the microcap space and Shore’s approach to picking the right sectors and the right partners.

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Dan Markwalder

Dan Markwalder is the Chief Veterinary Officer for Mission Veterinary Partners. In this episode, Dan shares some hard-earned wisdom about transitioning from player to coach as his business grew, understanding a seller’s “why” and protecting their legacy, and the value of investing in leadership development.


Ryan Kelley

Ryan Kelley is a Founding Partner of Shore Capital and is responsible for all activities of the firm including sourcing, evaluating and enabling the growth of Shore investments. In this episode, Ryan shares insight on the “why” behind Shore Capital and the meaningful relationships that make Shore such a great partner for founders.


Brad Morehead

Brad Morehead is a Partner at Shore Capital, where he is responsible for Business Services investment sourcing and valuation, transaction structuring, and corporate development. He also sits on the board of three Shore healthcare companies and is a former Shore portfolio CEO. In this episode, Brad shares insights into Shore’s approach to partnership from his unique perspective.

Dr. Scott Blackman

Dr. Scott Blackman is a Founding Partner of Southern Orthodontic Partners. As Dr. Blackman transformed his orthodontic practice using strategies from the hospitality sector, he saw a partnership with Shore as an opportunity to increase scale and impact the orthodontic industry. This is his story about choosing to sell his practice and the personal and professional growth that followed.


Scott Bullock

Scott Bullock started his career as a golf pro. He became the co-founder and president of EyeSouth Partners, an industry leader in ophthalmology. This wasn't an easy or obvious jump. So, we wanted to learn from Scott how it happened and some of the lessons learned along the way.

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