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This podcast highlights people building companies from the inside - every day - often out of the spotlight.


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Angie Gould

In this episode, Angie Gould shares the life and leadership lessons she has learned through a lifetime of hard work and a passion for long-distance running. She talks about the importance of mindset and the grit and persistence required to keep putting one step in front of the other. She shares priceless wisdom about earning your stripes as a manager and leader and the importance of the relationships that get you through the difficult times.

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Alyssa Mason

In this episode, we talk with Alyssa Mason of RMNG, a partner of Roaming Hunger, as she navigates the intersection of food, business, and community engagement. Alyssa shares her journey from the tech industry to the culinary streets, illustrating how RMNG’s mobile experiences create community connections and amplify brands. Through stories of innovative campaigns and personal insights, she embodies the spirit of making a meaningful impact in the fast-paced world of mobile food marketing.

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Jennifer Cooper

Jennifer Cooper is the Senior Vice President of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) at Hueman People Solutions. Starting in the back office of a travel nurse company, Jennifer eventually seized the opportunity to help begin the RPO division at Hueman. Though she faced some early leadership challenges, Jennifer’s resilience and commitment to her team helped pave the way for Hueman’s growth, as well as her own.

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Leanne Watson

Leanne Watson is the Head of Talent Acquisition at H2O Care Partners where she helps find talent for their entrepreneur partners. Before she joined H2O Care, Leanne wasn’t sure she was the right fit for the job opportunity. One conversation with the CEO Keith Caldwell quickly changed her mind. She recognized the value of the partnerships H2O Care was building and the importance of matching the right talent with the right opportunity and in the right culture for their overall success.

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Tyler Kalin

Tyler Kalin is the Senior Marketplace Manager at Roaming Hunger where he specializes in helping entrepreneurs, franchisees, and brands succeed in the food truck business. While his early career wasn’t in the mobile or culinary categories, his adventurous spirit and entrepreneurial attitude have fueled him to become an expert in this field. His story highlights the connection between his personal growth and the growth and evolution of Roaming Hunger.

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Elizabeth Maddux

Elizabeth Maddux is the First Shift Supervisor at Container Services, Inc. She started with the company over sixteen years ago as an Entry Level Packer. Elizabeth’s positive attitude and her experience working the line have been invaluable parts of her story, and big reasons why she has been able to build a great team and earn the trust of her Plant Manager. Her story also highlights the importance of professional encouragement from both our coworkers and family. 

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Courtney Sanchez

Courtney Sanchez is a Vice President of Clinical Operations and Population Health for Point C. Her career started as a nurse and after years in larger healthcare companies, joined Point C to build their Care Management Program from the ground up. In 18 months, she helped build the Care Management team from 3 nurses to 25. With so much success and overcoming a challenging childhood, her biggest accomplishment remains being a single mom to her two boys.


Rob Ruff

Rob Ruff is the Vice President of Payroll for Strongpoint Partners. Rob has been with HowardSimon the founding partner of Strongpoint for almost 17 years, spending all that time in the payroll division. He talks about his persistence and how it helps him and his team meet the demands of a fast-growing payroll division.

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Connor Benjamin

Connor Benjamin is an Integration Manager for Point C. Connor started with the company with no experience in the third-party administration (TPA) of benefits space, but he had the hunger and drive to rise to the challenge. Connor now leads the integration process when new companies join the Point C family of companies. 


Michelle Klenotich

Michelle Klenotich is a Director of Payroll and Tax at TandemHR. The company where Michelle worked with a team of 25 employees was acquired by Tandem after 20 successful years. Within a year, Michelle was leading her own team of 27 people and had helped take the Tandem payroll team to new heights and peak performance.

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Lindsey Fontenot

Lindsey Fontenot is a Regional Operations Director at Community Care Partners (CCP). Her Everyday Hero journey started with her childhood dream of becoming a nurse. She now oversees 36 urgent care clinics across the state of Louisiana. Underlying her success is the drive of a mom with a special needs child. 

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Laura Gerrard

Laura Gerrard is the Customer Service Manager at Main Street Gourmet, a partner of Sweetmore Bakeries. Laura’s Everyday Hero story starts with an understanding of her place in the broader world, a perspective she’s developed over a lifetime of travel. With her sense of perspective, Laura has an uncanny ability to stay calm under pressure and to know just the right moment to release tension with her notorious sense of humor. This is the story of how Laura achieved her proudest accomplishment: becoming a Manager at Main Street Gourmet.

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Brandy Hamar

Brandy Hamar is a Patient Loyalty Manager at Community Care Partners (“CCP”). Brandy’s Everyday Hero story began when she returned to work after years of being a stay-at-home mom. Brandy started at the front desk at one urgent care clinic. She now manages patient loyalty across the approximately 100 CCP clinics. This is her story of personal and professional growth.

Abby Holden

Abby Holden is Operations Director at Georgia Bone and Joint, the founding practice of Triumph Orthopedic Partners. Abby’s Everyday Hero story began playing golf at an early age. Little did she know, the valuable lessons she learned would accelerate her career and help her battle breast cancer.

Temperance Jones

Temperance Jones is an HR Generalist at Southern Orthodontic Partners. She is recognized as an Everyday Hero for her advocacy for suicide awareness and prevention. Temperance had the courage to share the story of her brother’s suicide, which sparks deeper conversations and connections at work and within her community. She shares her story in the hopes that it starts a conversation that saves a life.

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Deborah Williams

Deborah Williams is an Executive Assistant at IZI Medical. She played a key role in helping the company scale, while preserving its family-like culture. Deborah’s Everyday Hero story is professional and personal, as you will hear from Greg Groenke, CEO of IZI Medical, and from Deborah’s son. 


Marion Alderete

Marion Alderete is the Practice Manager at Garrett and Boyd Orthodontics, a partner practice of Southern Orthodontic Partners. Marion’s Everyday Hero story started when a doctor at her practice was diagnosed with cancer. Marion stepped up to lead her team through unchartered territory and challenges.


Gina Hrisopoulos

Gina Hrisopoulos is a Senior Director of Finance Operations at Mission Veterinary Partners. Gina’s Everyday Hero story highlights the impact a family legacy of service can have on people in any industry.



Amy Baccam

Amy Baccam is a Vice President of Integration and Implementation at Southern Veterinary Partners. Amy's Everyday Hero story is about grit and being a role model for others who started their career looking to break glass ceilings.


Jennifer Stanley

Jennifer Stanley is a Director of Training and Operations Analyst at Behavioral Innovations. Jennifer’s Everyday Hero story demonstrates the power a mom’s perspective can have on a team and culture that works and learns together.


Ethan Ott

Ethan Ott is Vice President of Analytics and Strategic Partnerships at Southern Veterinary Partners. Ethan’s Everyday Hero story shows the transformative power of passion in building a team, growing a company, and creating opportunities across an entire region.

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Melissa Grooms

Melissa Grooms is the Director of Integrations at SENTA Partners. Melissa’s Everyday Hero story highlights how a unique upbringing and a great attitude propelled her into a career she never imagined and helped launch SENTA and its partners to industry-leading heights.

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