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From Customer Service to Guest Relationships
Scott Blackman

Dr. Scott Blackman, a founding partner and doctor at Southern Orthodontic Partners, discusses how a paradigm shift can transform a company and impact an industry.

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Executive Communication & Personal Brand
Kimberly Pace

Kimberly Pace, communications professor at Vanderbilt University, shares how to think, lead, and act like a CEO through good communication and building personal brand.

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Building and Scaling Your HR Function 
Emily Leonard

Emily Leonard, Chief People Officer at Southern Orthodontic Partners (SOP), discusses her role as an HR leader and shares lessons learned from the exceptional growth of SOP.

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Evolution of Healthcare Funding
Michael Burcham

Michael Burcham, Executive Partner at Shore Capital Partners, reviews the last 100 years of healthcare legislation and its impact on how the industry is funded today.

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Increase Organic Growth to Maximize Your Valuation

Nigel Green

Nigel Green, sales expert, discusses how to lead a sales team and develop a believable organic growth plan to maximize a company's exit value.

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Advancing Conflict Intelligent Workplaces
Lisa L'Isle

Lisa L’Isle, conflict mediator, provides insight into conflict management and how to  build more conflict-intelligent organizations. 

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