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Executive Communication and Personal Brand

Key Webinar Topics:

  • Adapting your leadership style to get results

  • Creating a personal brand strategy in the pre-presence, presence, and post-presence

  • Discovering the top 5 communication mistakes executives make

  • Modeling executive presence in crisis

"I have been fortunate enough to participate in many corporate training and development programs – both one on one and within groups. None that have been better than what we experienced with Shore."
Kimberly Pace, Professor of Communications

Guest Bio:

Her passion for transformation is also exhibited in her training of emerging leaders. Kimberly is a professor for the practice of management at Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management where she teaches advanced communication courses to MBA, Master of Finance, Master of Accountancy and Executive MBA students.

Prior to teaching, Kimberly served in communications roles for two international non-profit agencies. She designed integrated communications marketing strategies, served as a national communications consultant, launched a national TV branding campaign and designed branding and word-of-mouth marketing campaigns.

Kimberly began her career as the Executive Director and “on-air talent” for radio and television programs aired on CBS, NBC and Fox in seven states to an audience of 5.5 million homes.

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